Why choose abas ?

Over 3,600 companies in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors have selected abas ERP.

  • Exceptional customer satisfaction backed by over 35 years of ERP experience and expertise
  • Excellent price/performance ratio and quicker ROI
  • Short, easy implementation periods
  • Broad range of functions to optimize business performance
  • Internet of things ready with machine connectivity and big data support via BI
  • Out-of-the-box integration with mobile solutions, DMS, BI, and Office applications
  • Real-time data visualization to enable informed management decision making
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces
  • Continual software modernization through upgrades
  • Upgrade-secure modifications to enable a high level of flexibility
  • International and multi-language functionality
  • Malaysia GST compliant ERP technology
  • Made in Germany!

abas’ strong customer focus has resulted in a 92% customer retention rate since its inception in 1980. The company still has retained most of the customers who implemented the software over the last 30 years.

Best Operating Costs

Analysts report that companies too often only compare license & implementation fees while preparing for their ERP purchase decisions and projects. Generally this happens as a result of considering an ERP purely as a cost center rather than a source of significant and strategic enablement for future growth – which is the investment view.

This approach falls dangerously short as it neglects the biggest cost driver in ERP: change. When evaluating ERP, organizations should include the Total Cost of Change (TCC), which measures not only ongoing maintenance but also the cost of making changes to the ERP system to meet business needs in the longer term. When applying a holistic view of all costs, including cost of change, abas ERP is unmatched.

Global Ranking

More than 1,700 companies from 35 countries participated in the global ERP user Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Swiss consulting and analysis firm i2s. abas received the highest international rankings.

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