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Acquiring and retaining customers in the long-term in Malaysia, requires not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. Companies can only do this if they have a full overview of their customer relationships at all times and at every location. As a result, the demands made on sales support in ERP systems are high. With abas, you can manage your sales processes with ease, from pricing and bid creation to order processing and order controlling through to forecasting and early warning systems. You can reduce errors, identify trends at an early stage, plan dynamically and calculate accurately. With mobility you can further have customer info where the sales are being made to ensure order accuracy, instant confirmations and speedy service.

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To easily manage the complete sales process, abas ERP provides users with a highly integrated sales management tool. This supports processes ranging from the entry of an opportunity to quotation creation, order management, and entering packing slips and invoices. The sales function provides a current view of your customer and business relationships and product sales data. It allows you to optimize...

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abas ERP’s CRM tool gives you an easy way of tracking information about customers and prospects by storing all of your data in one central place: the CRM workbench. Rather than separating the various functions offered in CRM, the CRM workbench consolidates your reports, activities and information into one place. This removes the hassle of having to navigate from one CRM function to the next, giv...

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