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Materials Management

Plan order quantities, monitor goods receipts, and store and transport materials: abas ERP helps you to coordinate your flow of goods so that you can speed up your stock turnover and guarantee high readiness to deliver while simultaneously reducing your capital commitments. Professional just-in-time procurement optimizes your warehousing, streamlines the production process, reduces costs and increases your liquidity. In the Malaysian business context these KPIs are crucial to running an efficient operation and keeping your clients satisfied.

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Inventory Management

For any manufacturing or distribution company, managing inventory smartly is critical to the company's success. You need to know what you have in stock, where it is, where it's going, and how much it's worth. And in today's connected world, you also want to be able to track your inventory as it moves between suppliers, customers, production and distribution to ensure that your data is always accur...

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Materials Cost Posting

Material cost posting determines the consumption of raw, auxiliary and operational materials, and posts the inventory changes of semi-finished and finished products. Valuation ensures that objects are created for all costing and relevant production processes. These objects form the basis for posting costs. Valuation is the central link between production and accounting. Different valuation method...

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