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Machine integration/IoT

abas ERP has been speaking with machines and enabling optimization and decision making for decades and now this field as a name, its called the Internet of Things or IoT for short! The IoT phenomenon enabled by scalable connectivity and a plethora of software & devices coming to market will impact Malaysian manufacturing and even every day lives significantly. In the business setting the efficiencies that can be realized in a short term are numerous and IoT is really about the transformation you can achieve with technology rather than the technology itself. Your machines can talk to your system and vice versa and your field reps should be connected via mobile to your system to enable fast order placement triggering material requests etc. Sensors across the floor should gather production info or machine variance and pass that to actuators to take automated actions such as maintenance requests. All the while this data will be available to management and operators for optimization and tracking performance – welcome to the smart digital factory!

IoT enables all of this however you need a highly scalable & robust platform to enable these benefits. Not only from a hardware & software perspective – even from a management perspective IoT has the potential to reinvent your business by boosting integration across your organization making it far easier to coordinate and manage.

abas ERP is your definite answer to the upcoming IoT revolution in manufacturing and business arenas. Having built a highly secure technology platform that doesn’t outdate abas can confidently tackle what’s to come from an IoT perspective. We will assess your IoT needs and find the solutions that will cost effectively work in your setting as part of our offering. We can also help reshape your organization to take full advantage of IoT using the right tools.