abas ERP: More than just ERP Software

  • The Malaysian manufacturing and business context is forging ahead rapidly and systems play a key role in this progress. An integrated ERP software is the key to unlocking your company’s full potential. Whether for management or finance, purchasing or sales, service or Cost accounting, production or warehousing: abas ERP System is a complete solution that provides your employees and management with exactly the functions and information they need. All your business areas will benefit from our extensive product portfolio, which not only includes core ERP Software functions, but also a wide range of valuable solutions from APS to project management. With our mobile apps, you can keep your data and processes under control, any time and any place!

Malaysian business owners are cost conscious that is why it is easy to start small with abas ERP and grow to suit your needs. This manages your costs and user familiarity with the solution ensuring that your system is getting the full use and giving you ROI straight away.
Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, and regardless of your industry or business area, our aim is to optimize your processes so that you can save time and costs, get a better overall view, implement reliable advance planning, and remain competitive in the future too. And all the while, working with the abas ERP System intuitive user interface which is really easy!

ERP Production Planning & Control

With ever shorter lead times and increasing price pressure, the challenges of make-to-order manufacturing and complex variant management is clear: even mid-sized companies are must optimize their production processes in order to compete. That's why ERP production planning and control (PPC) is at the heart of the abas ERP system for modern production companies. Efficiency through automation With ...

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Sales Management & CRM

Acquiring and retaining customers in the long-term in Malaysia, requires not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. Companies can only do this if they have a full overview of their customer relationships at all times and at every location. As a result, the demands made on sales support in ERP systems are high. With abas, you can manage your sales processes with ease, from pricing and...

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Machine integration/IoT

abas ERP has been speaking with machines and enabling optimization and decision making for decades and now this field as a name, its called the Internet of Things or IoT for short! The IoT phenomenon enabled by scalable connectivity and a plethora of software & devices coming to market will impact Malaysian manufacturing and even every day lives significantly. In the business setting the efficienc...

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Quality, delivery time and price: these three critical factors in purchasing are crucial for smooth processes, profitability and competitiveness of Malaysian businesses. abas provides your purchasing department with the professional tools required for strategic supplier selection and active shaping of your supplier relationships, allowing you to lay the foundations for required parts and materials...

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Financials & Accounting

Whether you’re a small company or a multinational corporation in Malaysia – business success is largely dependent upon accurate understanding and management of your finances. Important strategic decisions are made based on business key performance indicators (KPIs), and a healthy financial foundation enables you to grow, tap into new markets or change your product offering. And, last but not l...

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Materials Management

Plan order quantities, monitor goods receipts, and store and transport materials: abas ERP helps you to coordinate your flow of goods so that you can speed up your stock turnover and guarantee high readiness to deliver while simultaneously reducing your capital commitments. Professional just-in-time procurement optimizes your warehousing, streamlines the production process, reduces costs and incre...

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BI & Analytics

Malaysian business managers value being able to make the right decisions quickly as an important success factor in dynamic, globalized markets. Only those companies that use and interpret data strategically and can convert it into valuable information can stay one step ahead of their competition. ...

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